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@ Summit Christian Elementary
Jul 10 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Presidents Message

Roy WallNew Year – New Projects!

Learning is certainly one of the most important things in life. We need to learn new things everyday, or at least once a month (hehe) – when we have our Meetings, right?

I had the blessing of learning several new things in woodworking last year and I hope you did too. Accuracy is one key to good woodworking. My work is better this year because I’ve learned to improve my accuracy. My wish for all of us in the LS Woodworkers Guild is to improve at least one aspect of our woodworking this year. This means to stretch yourself a bit (always with SAFETY of course) and learn a new technique, build a new jig to create exact parts, achieve a better finishing routine, or maybe be more organized. Improvement should never rest. Strive to be better.

The 2013 year looks to be busy and improving. We have a new website for our membership. Some new projects for the School have been requested. We will develop some new, fun ways to have Raffle/Auction donations for Charity, and we have some great programs to learn new skills.

Let us all take a little more ownership in the Guild. Maybe you haven’t made a project in a while – don’t procrastinate – crank something out in your shop and bring it in! Keep on the lookout for Program Ideas and Shop Tours. For those who make lots of projects, we appreciate your talents and enjoy learning the techniques you employ – thank you and keep em’ coming!

I’ll see you this Tuesday with improved accuracy,

Roy Wall

LSWG President

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