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@ Summit Christian Elementary
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Roy Wall 
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President: Roy Wall

Roy began his woodworking experience in high school shop, beginning with simple step stools and finishing with large cabinetry. His shop teacher was his foremost mentor and teacher.  Photography is now his profession.  He specializes in weddings, special events, family portraits and product photography.  Roy strives to do quality work, showing that he cares about what he does, making things for family and for a local school. Roy says “Woodworking is great for the mind, as it is a complex hobby requiring a lot of skills”. Another of Roy’s enjoyments is refurbishing “old wood working machines” (aka heavy iron) and old vintage tools.

Greg Hull
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Vice President: Greg Hull

Greg’s woodworking skills began to grow while he was in California with the Marines where he says that in their small rural community, he and fellow jarheads had to help each other do everything from construction, woodworking, electrical and plumbing as a necessity. Then in ’99 after military retirement, he and his wife totally gutted their cabin at the Lake of the Ozarks and completely rebuilt the interior. That experience helped to expand both his skills and tool arsenal. Although most of Greg’s woodworking skills have been self-taught, he attended the Marc Adams School of Woodworking twice. Greg sites loving to work with his hands as well as his head as the reason he loves woodworking. Other interests and hobbies include, fishing & boating, parenting and church activities.

Mel Bryan
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Treasurer: Mel Bryan

Mel got his first tablesaw 47 years ago and began the process of being a self-taught woodworker. Not until after raising 4 children did the woodworking really begin to accelerate. Then after joining the guild his woodworking began to make satisfactory progress. He has been an officer of the guild in some capacity for about the last 7 years including being president for 2 years, vice-president, board member and currently treasurer. His interest in woodworking varies from cabinetry, small furniture and any project related to woodwork to woodturning of all types.

Bill Akers
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Secretary: Bill Akers

Bill has held this position since the beginning of the guild, a position he willingly and gladly fulfills. Bill’s introduction and interest in woodworking began by disassembling life rafts from World War II ships. Him and his uncle did this without power tools, he now has a good regard for power tools. In 1974 Bill became involved with the Telephone Pioneers helping restore and repair houses for people that needed help. That path has led to becoming a director of the “CHARM” (Children Helped And Rehabilitation Motivated) Shop where they make physical therapy devices for physically disadvantaged children at no cost to them.  Most of Bill’s woodworking is building utilitarian projects and he does mainly for the enjoyment. He enjoys repairing tools, keeping them humming and useable.

Arlie Reimer
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Board Member: Arlie Reimer

Arlie has been a member of our guild for 12 or 13 years and was introduced to the guild by member John Kuiper. Arlie began woodworking when in childhood “back on the ranch”, and most of his learning has been ‘on-the-job’ training with the addition of the shop classes in junior high and high school. Arlie has several other interests and keeps busy at other things such as; radio controlled aircraft (in the past), bicycling, and mission work.

Jay Helland
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Board Member: Jay Helland

Mike Shaw
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Board Member: Mike Shaw

John Freeland
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Circulation & Membership: John Freeland

Michael Straughn
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Editor: Michael Straughn

Roy Hackemeyer
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Historian / Membership Chair Emeritus: Roy Hackemeyer