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  1. Just thinking of joining. What are the dues, how often do you meet, classes etc? You can send an email to the link below.
    Thanks, David

  2. David,

    The annual dues information can be found here https://lswoodguild.com/about/benefits-of-membership/ and the meeting times can be found here https://lswoodguild.com/about/meetings/. The guild does not have a wood shop that we maintain and can conduct training classes in, but that is why our dues are so inexpensive. However, many of our members are more than willing to offer one on one instruction on the particular type of woodworking they are interested in.

    Randy Stone

  3. Where can I go to get some live 36” 5/4 edge planks planed? They were sitting in my garage for a few years and have some wobbles.

  4. Hi James,

    Sorry for completely missing this email from you. Metro Hardwood not only sells large planks of lumber but for a small fee will plane that wood for you.

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