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Hartville Tool
(800) 345-2396
15% off purchases.

Infinity Trees, LLC
(816) 987-0621
Robert Boehner - Owner and Sawyer

(800) 645-5555
10% off nonpowered items.

Merit Industries
(877) 245-5611
15% to 25% on all items.

Metro Hardwoods
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10% Off.
Must show membership card.

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
(913) 815-2002
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(913) 599-2800
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Must show membership card.

Woodline USA
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Upcoming Events

Benefits of Membership

The Lee’s Summit Guild has a membership of about 130 people. We meet once a month on the second Thursday of every month. Our average attendance ranges from 60 to 100 people per meeting, but we do not require membership in order to attend our monthly meetings.

Annual membership dues are $20.00 and are based on a calendar year. At mid-year, the price is reduced to $10. This membership entitles you to an emailed newsletter which is published once a month and entitles you to discounts at local retailers in the area. Most of the membership dues goes to help cover various costs associated with the guild, such as rental space for the meeting, paying speaker fees and funding our “Tools for Teens” program.   The Tools for Teens program helps support the Lee’s Summit Schools in buying tools to support the industrial arts programs in the High Schools.

The guild also has a small library that we allow guild members to take advantage of. The library contains various books and videos related to woodworking. The books or videos can be checked out during the meeting, and returned the following month.

A great resource – A wood guild, as it grows, can become a tremendous resource of knowledge and expertise.

A great way to meet other people and socialize with fellow woodworker’s – A wood guild is a great way to meet and talk to other people with similar interests. Most likely, there’s someone out there that has done what you’re wanting to do, and has already made the mistakes you can hope to avoid.

A great way to learn new skills – This is a great opportunity to learn from others. If you have an interest in learning something new, most likely there is someone out there that can give you advice and direction on what to do and what tools you may need.

Expertise within the guild – The experience and expertise in a guild will depend on the people involved. The larger the guild, the larger the pool of expertise and resources available.