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@ Summit Christian Elementary
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January 2018 Guild Meeting Minutes


President Roy Wall called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

  1. General comments included comments regarding Yearly Dues for 2018 are being collected and are $20. Dues for members receiving paper copies is $25. 
  2. Charitable Project-Thanks to those that have supported the Tools for Teens program. $5 of our dues annually support this program.
  3. Shop Tours- At present we are looking for members who would like to have their shops participate in a virtual shop tour. This would then be used as a presentation at a future guild meeting.
  4. Guild Loco Shirts-Has can be ordered by seeing Mel Bryant. 
  5. Picture Rooster-Please let leadership know if your picture has not been included in the Picture Rooster.
  6. Field Trips-make leadership aware of any ideas for future field trips that could benefit the general membership.
  7. Meeting Notices-inclement weather cancellations will be reported on Chanel 41
  8. Guests/Visitors-Attendance was 76.  Guests are encouraged to sign in on the registry and will receive a copy of the newsletter.
  9. Show and Tell: Numerous projects were shown.
  10. Program: Dale Garrison (member) gave a presentation on how to construct a violin. 
  11. Next Months Program will feature Saw Blade Sharpening.
  12. End of Report.

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