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Tools for Teens

106628-img[1]Annually, the Guild decides what deserving charitable organization (local or otherwise) its restricted funds, collected from the raffle; should be donated.  This year it was brought to the Guild’s attention that there is a local need for tools and other instructional supplies in area schools; specifically in the industrial technology programs in the Lee’s Summit School District.  Conversely, our Mission Statement which reads to “Promote the exchange of woodworking information and to further the craft” would be a natural fit for us to assist this youthful group of woodworkers just getting started.  

The specific needs at Lee’s Summit North High School are bowl gouges.  The teachers want students to have the experience of turning either segmented or solid bowls but need lathe gouges to accomplish this goal.   Unfortunately, there were no funds available for these tools.   The Guild’s proposal to purchase the tools was discussed with Lisa Jacques, Principal at Lee’s Summit North High School, and she loved it!  By the way, Lisa loves woodworking!  In addition, she suggested the slogan “Tools for Teens”.  Likewise, the Guild Members embraced the idea and approved the “Tools for Teens” program at its March 2013 meeting.  In addition to the Tools for Teens donation; the Guild has decided that instructional needs at Summit Christian Academy should also be considered.  

Obviously, the Tools for Teens program is a popular theme for our membership because several of you have made donations ranging from $5 to $50.   A tax deductible receipt will be mailed to those who requested one.   The students at Lee’s Summit North High School and the Spanish students at Summit Christian Academy greatly appreciate your support!

Specific Purchases:  This year, Summit Christian Academy will receive two projectors for their foreign language department and Lee’s Summit North High School’s industrial technology and engineering program will receive four ½ bowl gouges and 3 double ended calipers which were ordered from Packard Woodworks, Inc.  The guild thanks Brad Packard who discounted the tools to the guild for this worthwhile cause.   Brad you’re the BEST!!

Guild members are encouraged to support t Packard Woodworks, Inc and all businesses that support our efforts!


Jay S. Helland

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“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work as hard.”

   Tim Tebow

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2 comments to Tools for Teens

  • Roy Wall

    The LSN Staff and kids are very appreciative of the new tools. Thank you Members of LSWG for making this happen!

  • Daniel Blackmon

    Excellent idea to provide our youth with the tools to learn a craft. With jobs being so tight, we all need to know more than one craft.
    Maybe the guild could make a storage box for those chisels, to keep them sharpe and locked up. They will also need to be taught how to sharpen them.

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