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Lee’s SUMMIT WOODWORKERS GUILD, INC.                     

President Roy Wall called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. 

  1.    General statements made by the President were: GUILD DUES–Yearly dues for 2018 being collected                              and are $20.00 (members receiving e-mail) and $25.00 for members wanting a paper copy (US MAIL).                       See CAROL or JOHN FREEHAND to get signed up.
  2.    CHARITABLE PROJECT – Thanks to those that have supported our charitable project “TOOLS FOR

                    TEENS” . A portion of our dues go to to this project.

  1. SHOP TOURS – At present we are looking at 2018 to get something on the calendar-get your name on the SHOP TOUR list. We always learn something at these shops.
  2. GUILD LOGO SHIRTS- HATS- Order your preferences now– check with Mel.
  3. FACEBOOK– Available now – check with Greg.
  4. PICTURE ROSTER- Official pictures are now available-if you have not had your picture taken please do so at the next meeting.
  5. FIELD TRIP – Don’t forget to think of new places that we can visit that will expand our knowledge of wood working skills.
  6. MEETING NOTICES – During bad weather tune to CHANNEL 41 for any cancellation.
  7. GUEST/VISITORS – Attendance was 83. Welcome and please sign the registry (this gets you a copy of the Newsletter for the next two months).


 Mike Shaw had a KELTIC KNOT FIXTURE and a SAW THROAT PLATE FOR DADOS; Curt Tyhurst had a TABLE SAW MITER SAW EXTENSION and a MINI BENCH; Bill Doyle had a JEWEL BOX and VARIOS JIGS; Harold Young had a SIMPLE CABINET GLUEING FIXTURE; Pansy Legal had a CRADLE MAGAZINE HOLDER and a SCROOL SAWN ANGEL; Dr Chapman had a HORIZONTAL RING PRESS; Dave Orson had a SET OF RINGS and a SCROLL SAWN BASKET; Lance Helman had an INTA RSIA JIG; Kevin Stovall had a TAPER JIG and a COMPASS; Mike Chapman had BOARD BUDDIES and PUSH BLOCKS; Jay Helland had a DADO WIZ, KERF MAKER, COVE JIG, FIBONACCI CALIPERS and a TAPERING JIG; Bob Rubin had a BOWL FIXTURE; Michael Straughn had a LARGE SEGMENTED BOWL and a FROG BOWL; John Wolf had an ESKIMO KNIFE and SEVERAL CARVINGS; Glenn Lampton had a JIG FOR THE NASA MONKEY SEAT; Bill Thorne had VARIUOS JIGS. Hope we did not miss anyone’s project and remember you are entered in a raffle when you participate in SHOW & TELL.


PROGRAM –President Roy stated that the program for tonight was all about JIGS and  FIXTURES. We appreciate everyone that had fixtures or jigs to display and were able to describe their function. It is interesting to note that many projects require some sort of fixture or jig to enable what you are working on to be assembled correctly. Also as a side note it sometimes works out that the fixture is the item that should be put on display. We thank everyone who took the time to review their items so that others  might duplicate their efforts or see another way that they might approach their project. Don’t forget to help Vice President Greg Hull by keeping a lookout for anything that would be of interest to our members and thank him for his efforts to bring us a program each month.

NEXT MEETING –APRIL 10, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

President Roy closed the meeting at 9:00 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Akers  .         

Woodworking In America 2015

PowerPoint PDF – Woodworking In America 2015

Thanks to the guild presenters who took the time to attend Woodworking in America and for sharing their highlights at the November 2015 meeting!  The websites for each of the Woodworking In America presenters can be found and activated by licking on them after you open the attached PDF above.

April 2013 Meeting Highlights

The April 2013 Guild meeting was well attended. Thanks to the 100 or so members who have paid their annual dues and are now in good standing. Again this month, we had outstanding participation in the “Show and Tell” portion of our agenda. Box making aficionado, Jim McCord, won the drawing for those who participate in Show and Tell. Jim regularly displays his beautifully designed and constructed wooden boxes and this month was no exception. Several members have taken Jim up on his invitation to visit his shop for demonstrations of his box making techniques. Thanks Jim for your good humor and willingness to share! Continue reading April 2013 Meeting Highlights

Tools for Teens

106628-img[1]Annually, the Guild decides what deserving charitable organization (local or otherwise) its restricted funds, collected from the raffle; should be donated.  This year it was brought to the Guild’s attention that there is a local need for tools and other instructional supplies in area schools; specifically in the industrial technology programs in the Lee’s Summit School District.  Conversely, our Mission Statement which reads to “Promote the exchange of woodworking information and to further the craft” would be a natural fit for us to assist this youthful group of woodworkers just getting started.   Continue reading Tools for Teens

March Meeting Highlights

Sealed BearingIf you missed the March Guild meeting you missed a great program on ball bearings presented by Tim Zerger of IBT. Tim is very knowledgeable and has a great deal of field experience. Code word for “field experience” is humans performing badly in public. Tim kept our attention with stories from 30 years of experience on how we should avoid abusing bearing during the installation and about improper maintenance.  We can learn a lot from mistakes made by others as well as ourselves.   Conversely he passed on a lot of knowledge about how to properly install and take care of these wonders of engineering. We appreciate his willingness to spend the evening with us!  Please consider IBT the next time you need to replace the bearing in your equipment.  If all the IBT employees are half as knowledgeable and personable as Tim, you can’t go wrong with giving them your business. Continue reading March Meeting Highlights

John Knox Village: Woodworkers

Pat and Big Ben Clock Project

Have you ever wondered about doing woodworking in an atmosphere that embraces workmanship (sorry ladies), fun and camaraderie after your retirement?  Look no farther than the group of men and women who spend Monday-Friday working in the Hobby Hut at John Knox Village in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  This lively group of seniors can joke and harass with the best of late night comedians.   Consider what you’re about to say before speaking because this witty bunch have minds as sharp as tacks.  I’ve had the pleasure of stopping by on occasion to see what’s up with this animated group and I’ve always gone away feeling uplifted and inspired.      Continue reading John Knox Village: Woodworkers

Spotted at the Woodworking Show by Mingle

The Lee’s Summit Woodworker’s Guild was spotted by Mingle at the 2013 Kansas City Woodworking Show.  The following photos feature guild members, photos were taken by Fran Mattax of Mingle

Click Here to see other photos of the Kansas City Woodworking Show featured by Mingle

Presidents Message

Roy WallNew Year – New Projects!

Learning is certainly one of the most important things in life. We need to learn new things everyday, or at least once a month (hehe) – when we have our Meetings, right?

I had the blessing of learning several new things in woodworking last year and I hope you did too. Accuracy is one key to good woodworking. My work is better this year because I’ve learned to improve my accuracy. My wish for all of us in the LS Woodworkers Guild is to improve at least one aspect of our woodworking this year. This means to stretch yourself a bit (always with SAFETY of course) and learn a new technique, build a new jig to create exact parts, achieve a better finishing routine, or maybe be more organized. Improvement should never rest. Strive to be better. Continue reading Presidents Message