President Roy Wall called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. NOTE: The in person meetings are now held at the Colbern Road Library Conference Room  at 1000 Colbern Road, Lees Summit on the Second Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. The ZOOM meeting information will be available in an EMAIL sent out to members by President Roy.

General statements made by the President were:

  1. GUILD DUES- Yearly dues for 2022 will be $20.00 (members receiving EMAIL) and $25.00 for members wanting a paper copy(US MAIL). Note: John or Carol Freeland will be glad to get you registered.
  2. CHARITABLE PROJECT- Thanks to those that are supporting the “TOOLS FOR TEENS”and a portion of your dues go toward this project that has a large impact on our school children.
  3. GUILD SHIRTS/HATS -Order yours now from Arlie Reimer.
  4. PICTURE ROSTER- Official pictures are now available-if you have not had your picture taken please do so-See Phil Morgan.
  5. MEETING NOTICES-During bad weather tune to CHANNEL 41 for any cancellation.
  6. MEMBERS/GUESTS- Attendance was 46 with 2 visitors at the library and ?? on ZOOM.


Phil Morgan had a PICTURE FRAME; Harold Young had two VASES; Bob Rubin had a scroll sawn LARGE CELTIC CROSS; 2 SMALL CELTIC CROSSES  and a CELTIC KNOT SYMBOL: Bob LaDue had SEVERAL SHAKER BOXES; Dale Kunz had a CUT GLASS  and WOOD LAMP SHADE; Don Gates had a MAPLE BOX; Mike McReynolds had an ACORN THREADED BOX; Mike Chapman had a BIRD CARVING and Jim Schicker had a CHESS BOARD and STORAGE BOX. Hope we did not miss anyone’s project.

PROGRAM: This months program was presented by Bob LaDue (one of our own) and was all about SHAKER BOXES.  Originally constructed by Shaker communities in the 18th century. The boxes were made in various shapes and sizes with the oval shape ones being the most popular. Bob laid out a typical box with its fingers and explained the difficulties in getting the wood to bend and the attachment process. The Shakers were not the originators or inventors but did refine the their style and standardized on shapes and sizes.   Industrial manufacturing started in communities about 1800. The boxes were traditionally finished with milk paint. In the golden age (1822-1865) they produced about 70,000 boxes, but after the Civil War production fell to only hundreds annually. Shaker boxes were the TUPPERWARE of their time and were eventually replaced by the TUPPERWARE COMPANY. Thanks Bob for the history lesson and the HANDS ON opportunity to see what was and is a difficult process in the building of just one box. It was a pleasure having Bob as our presenter and hope we can hear him at future meetings.

BOB LaDUE REMARKS: Bob disclosed to the group his latest health concerns and what he is experiencing at the present time. Symptoms are getting worse currently and the future is not bright. He has made the decision to close the doors on his wood shop and refrain from using the table saw, lathe and other motorized equipments and also hand tools that somehow turn on you when least expected.  As bob stated about the demise of the Shaker Box by Tupperware his time in the shop is being replaced by health situations. Bob’s message to all is that we should look at our health situation and make that decision to do what is best for ourselves before someone else makes that decision for us. Bob, hope you find a way through this as you shut one door and open another with your camera in hand.

PHIL’S FINDS: DFM TOOL WORKS Aluminum Mini Square has many features and sells for about $40.00 (less at some outlets).

SHOP TIPS: Roy Wall used an iron and cloth to remove a water stain in an antique table.

Dale Kunz saves emery boards (various grits) to do his fine sanding.

Gerard Wissman brought in a box with wood samples-these are available with a donation to the “Tools For Teens “ project.

PROJECT DISPLAY CABINET: The library has offered a glass display cabinet for the members to show off their Show & Tell projects. Projects would be on display for about a month and would be identified as LSWG items with a plaque designed and made by Phil Morgan and an identification card designed by John Freeland indicating the owner. In this manner patrons to the library would be introduced to the LSWG and hopefully become members.

NEXT MEETING: THURSDAY.,MARCH 10, 2022 at 7:00 PM (at the LIBRARY and on ZOOM).

President Roy closed the meeting at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted-

Bill Akers-Secretary

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