NOVEMBER 13                   , 2018 MONTHLY MEETING MINUTES

      President Roy Wall called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. 

  1.    General statements made by the President were: GUILD DUES–Yearly dues for 2019 being                                           collected and are $20.00 (members receiving e-mail) and $25.00 for members wanting a paper copy (US                        MAIL). See CAROL or JOHN FREEHAND to get signed up.
  2.    CHARITABLE PROJECT – Thanks to those that have supported our charitable project “TOOLS FOR

                    TEENS” . A portion of our dues go to to this project.

  1. SHOP TOURS – At present we are looking at 2019 to get something on the calendar-get your name on the SHOP TOUR list. We always learn something at these shops.
  2. GUILD LOGO SHIRTS- HATS- Order your preferences now– check with ARLIE REIMER.
  3. FACEBOOK– Available now – check with Greg Hull.
  4. PICTURE ROSTER- Official pictures are now available-if you have not had your picture taken please do so at the next meeting.
  5. FIELD TRIP – Don’t forget to think of new places that we can visit that will expand our knowledge of wood working skills.
  6. MEETING NOTICES – During bad weather tune to CHANNEL 41 for any cancellation.
  7. GUEST/VISITORS – Attendance was 62. Welcome and please sign the registry (this gets you a copy of the Newsletter for the next two months).


 Randall Stone had a PORTABLE SEGMENTED RING PRESS and a SEGMENTED BOWL; Sam Parris had a MALLET, OLD PLANES and a MOTOR CYCLE CARVING;  Gary Barth  had a JEWELY BOX  with INLAY; Gale Markley had a TURNED BOWL from LOCAL TREE; John Wolf had a CARVED BASEBALL PLAYER and a HALLOWEEN VOLTAL CANDLE DISPLAY; Harold Young had a TURNED SEGMENTED VASE; Dale Albert had a BOX JOINT TRAY; Bob Frerking had BLUE and RED BOWLS and an INDIAN WATER BOTTLE; Doc Dale had a SEGMENTED UTENSIL ORGANIZER; Geo Mann had an OAK NIGHT STAND; Larry McFerrin had a SHAKER TABLE; Don Gates had a HEART CUTOUT BOX. Hope we did not miss anyone’s project and remember you are entered in a raffle when you participate in SHOW & TELL.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: All current officers were re-elected. John Freehand replaces Jim Dunlap on Board Of Directors. Thanks to Jim who is moving to the farm.

PROGRAM –President Roy stated that the program for tonight would be presented by Verne Christensen who comes to us by way of Jim Dunlap. Verne is a quintessential (ultimate)  expert on LOUIS SULLIVAN and his involvement in the structure of buildings around the years starting in1880. Designs such as this have disappeared in current times as we move toward the stainless steel and glass structures. Many of the buildings deigned in those early years were banks (Jesse James and his gang did their banking in these very same buildings). Verne and Jim Dunlap are proud owners of several molds that were used to fabricate the ornate blocks used to fabricate several buildings. We always enjoy reviewing our past history and methods

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