Our Lee’s Summit Wood Guild president, Roy Wall, led the membership through the annual election of board members.  Mel Bryan stepped down after serving in numerous positions for over 20 years, his dedication and leadership will be missed.  Shawn Waskiewics was nominated by Roy to replace Mel on the board.  BY unanimous vote, the membership voted to approve the appointment of Shawn to the board.   All other board members were retained in their current positions.

Roy announced that he will be sending out through email a survey to the entire guild asking if the guild members would like to move our meetings back to the original second Tuesday of the month.  Roy explained that the guild for the first 20 plus years of its existence met on the second Tuesday, but during COVID we were forced to make some adjustments in order to continue meeting and moved the meetings to the second Thursday.   We have been contacted by several past members that have expressed a desire to attend but are not able to with us meeting on Thursdays.  The board recognizes that making changes like this is disruptive and is why we are asking the membership to please weigh in by responding to the survey when you get it.

The guild will resume having cookies and coffee starting with the December meeting and that members are encouraged to arrive by 6:30 to allow for social time prior to the start of the meeting at 7:00 PM.  We are trying to work the social time back into the schedule while also recognizing that meeting in the new Library we must be out of the building by 9:00 PM.  

The guild has also started a new process of having members and guest sign in at the entryway to the meeting so we can do a better job of tracking attendance.

2023 Membership Dues

We are now collecting dues for 2023 and already have new membership cards printed for existing members. Dues for 2023 are still only $20.00 for the year.  If you haven’t had your picture taken for our membership directory, please see Roy Wall or Phil Morgan at a future meeting.


This month’s presentation was by Kurtis Leatham, founder and owner of EZ Inlays.

Kurtis came up with the idea of creating easily repeatable inlays when he was building a doll bed for his mom. He searched and searched for how he could do some inlay work on the doll bed and decide on using marquetry.   After completing the bed, he vowed to never do that again because its wasn’t something he could repeat with ease.  Using his experience in electrical engineering, where he designed printed circuit boards (PCB), he used the same methodologies for aligning all the layers that make up a PCB to creating inlay templates that greatly simplify and make creating inlays repeatable using nothing more than a hand-held router.  His goal is to teach 1 million people how to create exotic wood inlays using his techniques.   You can find his templates and learn more about the techniques at his website


The members once again brought is some fabulous creations for show and tell and showed us all just what a talented membership we have. We are very blessed to be in the company of so many talented men and women. Some of their work can be viewed here.

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