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Formal Policy for the Tools for Teens (TFT) Program March 3, 2016     The Tools for Teens (TFT) program is established by the Lee’s Summit Woodworkers Guild to promote woodworking among teen age students in the Lee’s Summit R7 high schools by providing funds to purchase needed tools and to repair or replace existing woodworking tools in their school.  

The funds available are via the membership of the LSWG, and can vary from year to year.  Generally, a base amount is created by membership dues but can increase through other voluntary member donations or funding drives.  The funding is totally voluntary and may fluctuate yearly, with no guarantees of any funding from year to year.

Requests for assistance by the woodworking teachers of these LS R7 schools are to be in the form of a letter sent to the current Guild President, and it should outline the need, the proposed solution and approximate cost.  All requests will be considered by the LS Woodworking Guild Board in relation to the funds available.  

However, priority will be given to requests based upon:

  1. Teachers and/or students who have made a presentation, conducted a seminar, or a workshop for Guild members.
  2. Industrial Technology & Engineering Programs that has matching funds available from the school district or other sources.

Requesting letter should be received by the LSWG no later than April 1 of the current calendar year.  Monetary awards will be issued to each school later in May so that purchases can be made for the next school year.

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