NOVEMBER 08, 2016

President Roy Wall called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  

General statements made by the President were:

  1. GUILD DUES–Yearly dues for the year will be $20.00 (member receiving e-mail) for 2017 and $25.00 for member wanting a paper copy (US MAIL). Note: John or Carol Freeland will be glad to get you signed up.
  2. CHARITABLE PROJECT – Thanks to those that have supported our charitable project “TOOLS FOR TEENS”. We will continue to support this project and provide tools that will have an impact on many lives.
  1. SHOP TOURS – At present we are looking at 2017 to get something on the calendar-get your name on the SHOP TOUR list. We always learn something at these shops.
  2. GUILD LOGO SHIRTS- HATS- Order your preferences now– check with Mel.
  3. FACEBOOK– Available now – check with Greg.
  4. PICTURE ROSTER- Official pictures are now available-if you have not had your picture taken please do so at the next meeting.
  5. FIELD TRIP – Don’t forget to think of new places that we can visit that will expand our knowledge of woodworking skills.
  6. MEETING NOTICES – During bad weather tune to CHANNEL 41 for any cancellation.
  7. GUEST/VISITORS – Attendance was 76. Welcome and please sign the registry (this gets you a copy of the Newsletter for the next two months).


Ted Legall had a MAGNETIC TRAVELING CHESS BOARD and a STANDARD CHESS BOARD; Bob Rubin had SEVERAL SCROLLSAWN TRIVETS; Gale Markley had FOUR TURNED BOXES; Harold Young had TWO GREEN ELM TURNED BOWLS and a LATHE JIG; Dave Burton had a CHERRY BOWL with a RIM; John Wolf had a CARVED MAN (SVEN); David Rink had a SPIRAL URN; Jerry Webb had a VIOLIN; Preston Goodwin had a GARDEN POTTING BENCH; Roy Wall had a PRAYER REQUEST BOX; Doc Dale had a VASE and his POT OF CHANGE. Hope we did not miss anyone’s project and remember you are entered in a raffle when you participate in SHOW & TELL.

PROGRAM –President Roy took the floor tonight for this evening program and introduced us to the many ways “TO FLATTEN AND STRAIGHTEN A BOARD” (warning-if you go too far you end up with veneer or toothpicks). It is interesting how far one will go to salvage that last piece of lumber that just fits your project. But we all know if you can salvage a motor with a few bearings there must be a way to straighten a board. Once again Roy proved his point that the plane is mans best friend. Once again we thank Roy for stepping forward and passing on his skills and knowledge. Don’t forget to help Vice President Greg Hull by keeping a lookout for anything that would be of interest to our members and thank him for his efforts to bring us a program each month.

CHRISTMAS GATHERING-Remember to bring your food or dessert items-Bob Pressly will be doing his PULLED PORK. Don’t forget to help with the kitchen shores.

WOODWORKING SHOW- sign up sheet available – American Royal – January 20-22.


NEXT MEETING –DECEMBER 13, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.


President Roy closed the meeting at 9:00 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Akers  .

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